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You don't need to run a stake pool to earn compounding returns on your ADA holding. Simply delegate your stake and let ADAGE do the work of securing the blockchain.

Pool fees

ADAGE pool fees are quite low compared to other pools:

  • ADAGE has a fixed 0.84% fee on rewards
  • Cardano also has a mandatory fee that is meant to cover running costs. On ADAGE it is set to 380 ADA per epoch
  • Pool fees are automatically deducted before rewards are distributed to delegators


In order to delegate, you will need:

  • ADA tokens
  • A wallet that supports delegation
  • If you use the AdaLite wallet you will need ADAGE's pool-id: 83b259c187f8b88eda564b1f56ce2786360a9dc224f737fcdd8703c1

Please note: Deadalus and AdaLite are currently the only wallets that support delegation. In a few days Yoroi will also be ready. Yoroi and AdaLite are lightweight wallets that runs in your browser (or as a browser plugin). Daedalus runs as a standalone application on your OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS) and downloads the blockchain to your computer. The wallets are highly recommended, and function well in terms of security, ease of use, and features.


The wallet software makes delegating easy no matter if you are restoring ADA from an old Byron wallet, or if you already have your ADA in a Shelley wallet. Since delegation is quite easy, I will not explain it in great detail here. But before you delegate please consider:

  • If you plan to delegate to multiple stake pools, you will need to create multiple wallets and fund them
  • Take care and keep your recovery phrase safe!

In order to delegate simply:

  1. Open your wallet and let it synchronize
  2. Transfer ADA from an exchange to a new wallet or restore an existing wallet
  3. Go to the wallet's delegation section and search for the ADAGE-ticker
  4. Delegate you wallet account
  5. Within 10 minutes you will see the pool's total contolled stake increase (the light blue box above) and your delegation will also appear on ADAGE's delegators list
  6. Your rewards will automatically compound when you have delegated to ADAGE
  7. Your funds are completely safe (provided you keep your recovery phrase safe)
  8. You can withdraw funds from your wallet at any time

Please note: In Daedalus pools are sorted by rating. Currently this rating means very little since none of the pools are producing blocks yet.

You may also want to...

  • Bookmark this page. The pool will start producing blocks in epoch 210 and you can track block creation in real time via this site
  • Follow pool operator on Twitter
  • DM me (or send an email) to claim your spot on ADAGE's delegators list
  • Please tell the world you have delegated to ADAGE :-)

When rewards?

Rewards are automatically distributed after each epoch. An epoch is 5 days from start to finish. If you delegated in the first epoch (epoch 208), you will receive your first rewards in epoch 212. This is the same for all pools. Have a look at this diagram for a timeline or read this article from The Cardano Foundation for further explanation.

My responsibilities as a pool operator

As a pool operator I have a some responsibilities, and the job may be more involved than you think. As a pool operator I need to:

  • Run the software that secures the blockchain
  • Maximize profits for delegators (no downtime)
  • Keep the software up-to-date
  • Have an infrastructure in place that ensures that the pool continues to run even if there are networking issues (or similar problem)
  • Share profits with the Treasury
  • Maintain the pool site

For these services the pool takes a small cut of the rewards.

It is important for my to be transparent about my operation, and I use the mobile friendly pool site for this purpose. Via you will be able to track the pool performance in near real-time, and also see things like network state, uptime, what version of the cardano-node that the pool currently running etc.

Your delegation matters

When you delegate to ADAGE, you are helping the Cardano ecosystem:

  • You help secure the network
  • You do your bit to keep Cardano truly decentralized
  • You ensure that the treasury gets 20%

You do not get all these benefits if you chose to stake with an exchange. Drawbacks when staking with an exchange:

  • No guarantee that the exchange is actually holding or staking your ADA
  • No guarantee that the exchange will not be hacked and you will lose all your funds as a result
  • No guarantee that the exchange has Cardanos best interest at heart

Do you like low fees?

Choosing pool fees is a fun exercise that involves a lot of speculation and some game theory. Here are some examples of questions that every pool operators had to consider before the launch of Shelley:

  • How much will I spend on advertising, development, and servers?
  • How much can I afford to pledge?
  • How will other operators set their fees, and what does the competition look like?
  • What is the future of the project, and what is the future price of ADA?
  • How many pools will be created?
  • How many ADA will be delegated to my pool?
  • How many will choose to delegate via exchanges instead of their own wallets?

I am very optimistic about the future of the project, so that part was pretty easy. But setting fees is still a bit like a card game, where you have to play your entire hand at once: Set the fees to high and few will delegate. Wait and see what other operators do and miss out on early delegators.

Sure it is possible to change the fees later. But it costs ADA to register a pool and increasing the fees will automatically result in loss of all existing delegators. It is better and cheaper to get it right from the start.

I gambled on low fees because:

  • I believe in the project long term
  • Price can depreciate short term, but think it will appreciate over the long term
  • The low k value means the competition will be fierce
  • I think the pool site and the low fees, will attract enough delegators for the pool to be profitable

I will not run the pool at a loss, but that will happen if I am unable to attract enough delegators. So fewer delegators will result in higher fees.

If you have delegated to ADAGE and like low fees, then it is in your best interest to help promote the pool - and I hope you will! A mention on Twitter, Reddit or on forums goes a long way, and it helps me save money on ads. In return I will be happy to promote your SoMe profile or your website via the Delegators list.

I am really happy about how many delegators the pool has gotten so far, so I am currently optimistic about keeping the pool fees where they are.

Happy staking!

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Please note: This pool is running on Mainnet!

Mainnet has launched and ADAGE is ready! You will be able to delegate your ADA as soon as you can see the ADAGE ticker in your wallet. The latest Deadalus wallet (v2.0.0) is ready and available for download here.

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