About Adage.app & this stake pool

Pool fees

Adage pool fees are very easy to understand:

  • There is a 3.4% fee
  • No max fee
  • No fixed fee

If you want to delegate to this pool simply open your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet and search for the ticker: ADAGE.

Infrastructure and hardware

The Adage stake pool is one of only two pools located in Denmark. In the name of decentralization I have opted not to use any of the large scale cloud solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft or similar. Instead the server is located in a air-conditioned and dust free server room where I work.

The server is a 4U bare-metal server and is equipped with 4 cores @ 3.00GHz and 8GB RAM. Software wise it is running Jormungandr v0.9.1 on Ubuntu Server.

The pool website

Many pool sites just consist of a landing page with a ticker name. But I want to take it a bit further and also provide more transparency with my site. This way you will be able to track the pool performance in a more detailed way, and also see what software the pool is running, the uptime, network state etc.

Even though my pool was one of the first on ITN it has not enjoyed any of the benefits that other pools saw, but I’m still hoping that my strategy will pay off in the long run. The pool site is frequently being updated, and it is still in beta. For security reasons the adage.app pool site is running on a different server from the pool.

At this point the pool software (Jormungandr) is constantly being updated, so you may want to check out the news/blog section for more up-to-date information about the state of the network and this pool.


I have been involved in the crypto space for more than 5 years. For the last couple of years I have been hobby mining, trading and run another crypto related website. Since the early days I have been a firm Bitcoin supporter, and I continue to be. In my opinion it will be very hard for competing crypto currencies to dethrone Bitcoin because of its unique history and properties.

But I also think this space has room for other quality projects, that don’t compete directly with Bitcoin. Cardano still has a lot to prove, but of all the projects out there, I think it has the best chance of becoming a truly decentralized smart contract system, that uses Proof of Stake as its consensus model.

Happy staking!

Pool details
Delegate now

Ticker: ADAGE

Please note: This pool is running on the Incentivized Testnet ITN!

If you had funds in mainnet in your wallet during the snapshot, then you are now able to delegate to this pool and earn rewards. Just download the Incentivized Testnet versions of Daedalus or Yoroi and find the ADAGE ticker.

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